image of the ancient symbol for bamboo
Virtue Rings
Two Virtue Rings lighting modules, facing different directions, in different colours and sizes.
Virtue Rings is a versatile modular lighting system celebrating harmony between geometric shapes and natural materials.
A composition of Virtue Rings modules, in different sizes and colours. An illuminated composition of Virtue Rings modules, in different sizes and colours.
Virtue Rings is the second lamp in a collection that seeks to reconnect a sustainable material today perceived as common and disposable with its historical symbolism of virtue, resilience, and honesty. Each lamp's construction respectfully combines traditional bamboo hand-working techniques with contemporary machining and colouration processes.
Close detail of a purple, illuminated Virtue Rings lighting module.
Composed of stately pendant lights that bring together different species and scales of sustainable grasses, each lighting unit features a diffused illuminated ring that bounces light off the interior of a colourful cross-section of bamboo. The result is a welcoming arrangement of warm, floating rings of light. The interplay of intricate colours, textures, shadows, and highlights generates a truly magical effect.
A hand touching a single red illuminated Virtue Rings module.


Large single: 130mm x Dia 110mm (approx.)
Large 3 unit: 130mm x Dia 110mm (approx.)
Small single: 110mm x Dia 90mm (approx.)
Small 3 unit: 970mm x Dia 90mm (approx.)

Murasaki Violet or Hua Qing

Madake Bamboo, Mōsō Bamboo

3m, adjustable. Length on request is available.

LED strip, 15w/m, 4000k Neutral White


Additional Information

The Virtue Rings modular lighting system is handcrafted in conversation with its materials, with each lighting element slightly unique respecting the properties of its natural components.

Subtle differences in colour, texture and size reveal the unique properties of the materials and variations within the heat-treatment processes.

Each Virtue Rings system is made to order.


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An infinitely adjustable modular system of single and multiple lighting units, Virtue Rings can be composed in response to each space’s architecture and function.
A large composition of Virtue Rings modules, illuminated, in different sizes and colours.