An illuminated single lighting module of Virtue Rings
An image of Virtue Rings, illuminated and facing right.
The Virtue collection seeks to reconnect a sustainable material today perceived as common and disposable with its Chinese historical symbolism of virtue, resilience, and honesty. Each lamp's construction respectfully combines traditional bamboo hand-working techniques with contemporary machining and colouration processes.
Yueyun Song is a Chinese product designer living and working in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Song first drew international recognition for her product design in Guangzhou, China, where she spent a decade designing homeware, tableware, office furniture and watches. Song's work unites traditional craft processes with modern methods of manufacture, creating objects from natural materials that are culturally grounded and emotive. Her work has won major international awards and has been exhibited during Milan Design Week, London Design Week, Design Shanghai, NeoCon, Orgatech Cologne and the China International Furniture Fair. Her Wen Chair, a redesign of traditional Chinese furniture, is in the permanent collection of the Guan Shanyue Art Museum in Shenzen, China.